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Zamurai List Builder Review

Zamurai List Builder Review - You can say that I know a thing or two about blogging, list building and making money from my list. But it was NOT always like that. Definitely not! I remember when I first got started online, I went through the cycle that just about everyone goes through… I spent an ENTIRE year doing absolutely NOTHING but jumping from one shiny object to the next.  You know what I’m talking about..  Those super-hyped products that promise you will make $10,000 by tomorrow with their super-duper automated software that will magically send hoards of traffic to your website eager to give you money!  Like most people, I didn’t fall for these lies and promises just once. I fell for it a second time and then a third…

Until FINALLY, I came across ONE strategy that allowed me to generate consistent, predictable income every single month like clockwork. Without any technical skills or fancy equipment…
That strategy is:
  1. Create A Blog and Become The Authority in Your Niche.
  2. Share Great Content That is Helpful and Adds Value to the Market Place.
  3. Build A Huge List of Raving Fans that share your content and build your list for you.
  4. Make Money! Once Your Fans Like and Trust you, THAT’s when they buy from you!  
That strategy has not only worked for me, but it has also worked for some well-known marketers like John Chow, Pat Flynn, Matt Carter, Michael Dunlop, Kim Roach and countless others. This strategy also works for lesser known marketers who fly under the radar and CRUSH it online building HUGE lists with their blogs.

Introducing Zamurai List Builder:

With Zamurai List Builder You Can:

  1. Magically turn keywords into clickable links that turn into amazing looking optin forms to skyrocket your subscribers. Do away with the out-dated sidebar optin forms, light box pop ups and slider optins. ZLB is new, innovative and EFFECTIVE! 
  2. Build your list with your new AND existing traffic – Just Activate ZLB and start to see your optins SKYROCKET! Just simply activate, customize and build a list in 3 easy steps. 
  3. Build your list without having to pull your visitors attention away from the content area - Bring the optin form to where your readers eyes spend 90% of their time: reading the content!  
  4. Non intrusive – Build your list without forcing an optin form in your visitors faces. Never annoy your readers again by forcing an optin form in their face. ZLB is action based so your readers actually have to take a specific action for the optin form to appear. This makes it their decision; therefore, increasing conversions even more.  
  5. Easy To Use – Upload, Customize, Build a list, MAKE MONEY! You are 3 easy steps from being able to make more money from your blog by building GIANT list. 
  6. New and innovative – First of its kind. You don’t have to worry about “optin form blindness” since your visitors have NEVER seen anything like ZLB! 

Specific Features Include:
  1. Assign different keywords to different optin forms for ultra targeted leads – You can now segment your leads BEFORE they ever get on your list. Now, THAT is POWERFUL!
  2. Fully customize how your optin form looks for maximum conversions – We are always testing and tweaking our headlines and optin forms; you should be too. This makes it EASY to do that. 
  3. Built-In Professional, High Converting Templates – If you are completely new to list building and suck at graphic design like me, choose from our professional, high converting templates. 
  4. Full Control as to how often and where the optin form shows - This helps you accomodate those readers who rather not have any pop ups show up more than once. 
  5. Seamlessly integrates with all major autoresponders to accomodate all marketers! Of course we had to make ZLB work across all the major autoresponders so everyone gets a piece of the action.. 
  6. and much much more… 

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