Saturday, April 20, 2013

IntelliTheme - Unlimited License Review

IntelliTheme - Unlimited License Review - When a WordPress theme calls itself ‘IntelliTheme‘, you could possibly think that it is a lot smarter than the orther themes available. Indeed, IntelliTheme’s slogan is always that it’s “IntelliTheme – Smart. Therefore you don’t should be.“

But does IntelliTheme live up to that standard? Or would it be yet another overhyped premium WordPress theme unworthy of your attention?  Well, after playing around with all the theme for several days, 

IntelliTheme is unique on the globe of WordPress themes. Unlike any orther WordPress theme currently available, IntelliTheme doesn’t require users to manually change settings so that you can optimaze their site. Instead, IntelliTheme fluidly to conforms to visitor feedback.

Presets are the base of IntelliTheme. The theme comes with five differrent presets. Each preset may be tested on many different sites. Sets from the font sized header, menus on the number of valuables in the sidebar has been spilit-tested into a farcial extent. You'll find folks who suffer from over 3000 websites, while they spilit-test one thing, they have many data which to work.

Intellitheme is developed to optimize your niche websites for highest profitability, these presets are degisned to maximize the number of clicks your AdSense ads website. Rather of simply slotting AdSense code into hotspots round the website (the vast majority of people start using these AdSense style themes), these presets are optimized as a result of every font size and letter.

That doesn’n mean IntelliTheme users have to start using thise presets out of the box. If you believe you are able to tweak the presets to ensure they are better, then you can certainly do this by changing colors, adjusting fonts, altering text sizes, and uploading new header images.

Changing font and color on any part in the page is quite easy. If you decide to choose to not fool around with CSS and HTML files, every one of the appearance options in front of them wanting to be accessed.


Creator: Joe Magnotti, Justin Cooke, Mark Thompson  (very famous internet marketers).
Product Name:  IntelliTheme
Launch Date: April 12th, 2013 at 10am EST
Price: Single License : $17 and Unlimited License: $27-$37


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