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How to Install Windows 7 Gadgets

How to Install Windows 7 Gadgets - Windows 7 is one of the Windows operating system made ​​its presence is so phenomenal. He can even beat the popularity of its predecessor, Windows Vista in terms of upgrading the operating system from XP to Windows Windowx next version. One tool that is equally attractive provided Windows 7 (and also provided by Windows Vista) but not in earlier versions of Windows operating systems (Windows XP and below) is a feature called Gadget. The gadget feature gives you a new view of charming to be displayed on your desktop.
Gadget provides information and pleasure directly on your desktop. Some gadgets that are placed on your desktop features such as news, images (you can even see the slideshow images or photos according to what you set because it can be customized), games, and even a change in appearance over time. This further makes Windows 7 look good in the eyes of users.

In its predecessor, Windows Vista, Gadget coral placed in the sidebar. While in Windows 7, you can place the gadget on the desktop wherever you want. You can adjust the size, move them around, and set it to your liking.

How to Install Windows 7 Gadgets

To install Windows 7 gadget, please download first Windows 7 gadget download via the link we provide above. After that, do a double click on the file *. Gadget that you download.
Some gadgets on the market is not entirely made ​​by Microsoft but by a third party. So, the next window pops up saying "Unknown Publisher", click "Install" in order to run the normal installation process.

Some gadgets just kompatibe with Windows Vista and usually can not work well in Windows 7. However, the gadget uses high DPI is destined Windows 7 operating system and can only work in Windows 7.

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