Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ATI GPU Sidebar Gadget

ATI GPU Sidebar Gadget - With this GPU Meter device you'll show your graphic card trafficker, graphic card model, GPU clock speed, GPU temperature, total of GPU usage by proportion and bar, memory clock speed, total of memory usage by proportion and bar, fan speed by revolutions per minute, fan usage proportion and bar, Shader Clock Speed, PCB Temperature and Memory Controller. For the graph it will show all usage by drawing vogue in line or crammed. For the setting you'll amendment the device scrutinise to four-hundredth, temperature may be show in either uranologist or Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit , color adjustable for background and text and ready set automobile update notifier.

Request Software:Must running the PC Meter in background as administrator.
Support graphic card: Nvidia and ATI*
*ATI does not support Memory Usage, Shader Clock and Memory Controller.
**Some of function need the latest graphics card driver from Windows Update.


software, Windows 7

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