Wednesday, June 26, 2013

List and Review Best of URL Shorteners

URL Shorteners (aka URL shortening) were created to easily share a link through IM, Chat, or other forms of web communication. URL shortening is mainly used for Social Media sites, but still have a number of other uses. Below I review my favorite url shorteners and list features for each.

I started this directory becuase each time I require a url shortener I have different requirements

This isn't actually a URL shortener, it is for email addresses. Allows you to share your email in a safe way to avoid spam. I've included it here as it works the same as a url shortener. Features:
  • Alias
  • API
url Curt shortening solution. Included featur
  • Alias
  • API
  • Qr Code
  • Experied Time
  • Pasword URL
  • Costume UrL
  • Register

If you are sending NSFW links to people who may have others in the room, this is awesome. Features:
  • Warning Page
  • Alias
  • Recent Links, Top Links, Most Disscussed links
  • Bookmarklet
  • API
Google URL Shortener
Google's url shortening solution. Included features:
  • Save's your history of created urls
  • Creates a QR code for you (detail page)
  • Tracks traffic(analytics)

URL shorter

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