Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mini Events In A Box Review

Mini Events In A Box Review - Are you finding it tedious to build your list?  Do you wish that there was a quicker way?  Have you found other mini event scripts just too difficult to set up quickly?

From The Creator Of Subscriber Bonanza!

List building and Mini Event expert Kevin Nikkel has teams up with master programming genius John E. Mayorga to create the ultimate Mini Giveaway script that leave other scripts in the dust!

If you have ever hosted a Mini Giveaway Event, you know the rewards of hundreds if not thousands of subscribers in a very short time. I recently held just TWO Mini Events back to back starting on March 11th and ending on March 25th with remarkable results.

ven then your work was not done!

You still had to go back several times a day to update the leader board so the contributors weren't constantly on your back.

Times Have Changed
And So Should You!
With this script, you simply upload the script and template of your choice to your server, make a couple modifications to one file, place in some short code to your template if it isn't already there and you are ready to rock 'n roll.

No more taking a day or two to set things up. You can have everything ready in just MINUTES!

To make it even better we are including some templates that you can use as is to speed up the process even more!

This Is What You Get Inside!

  • Five Minute Setup
  • Contributors Add Themselves
  • Auto Populating Contributors Page
  • Rotating Contributors Page
  • Auto Populating Leaderboard
  • Auto Updating Leader Board
  • Live, Auto Updating Updating Leader board
  • And MUCH MORE!
What More Is There To Say?
Get Your Copy Today!


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