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How to Generate Figure Panorama with Microsoft Application ICE

How to Generate Figure Panorama with Microsoft Application ICE - It's not easy to explore the world of photography. Lots of things to learn and it took quite a lot of experience to master it and certainly do not forget the efforts and hard work are high. Perhaps because of this, many people are challenged to learn more deeply about photography. Therefore, this time we will discuss about one trick photography. Tricks that will be discussed this time is the panorama.

What is a panorama? Maybe it's a lot to know what is the meaning of the panorama itself. In the world of photography is no such thing as panoramic photography. Well, the notion of panoramic photography itself what? Photography is a way of producing panoramic images or take pictures in stages so that later the resulting image is an image with a width that exceeds our normal eyes look straight. If measured by the focal length, the normal view of the human eye is approximately 50mm (normal lens). Therefore, panoramic images are usually shaped cross-section and extending to the side.

Pictures are usually taken for panoramic photography is in the form of pictures of landscapes and pictures of high buildings in the big cities. To take panoramic pictures is actually there are some applications that support, for example, just like the Panoramic Photo Stitcher, Adobe Photoshop and ICE. However, according to some experts opinion photography, the most straightforward applications used to generate panoramic images is Microsoft ICE. Therefore, we will discuss it here.

The steps are as follows.
  • Decide what will be in the shot, such as landscape or buildings.
  • Take the (shot) until some time ago to be a panoramic image is.
  • Download Microsoft ICE first application on the following link
  • Install the application to 
  • Once the install is complete, open the 
  • Drag some photos that have been taken (shot) earlier in the application microsoft ICE.
  • Crop the image as you wish. If do not want to be bothered, then click automatic crop and the software will automatically mengcrop picture.
  •     If it is finished, edit again using adobe photoshop applications for maximum results.

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