Thursday, November 22, 2012

Using Windows Phone as a Modem to Connect to Internet from PC

Using Windows Phone as a Modem to Connect to Internet from PC -  Windows Phone OS 7.5 natively do not support using phone as a modem to connect to the internet from PC. However there is work around which will be useful on achieving this. XDA developer forum has a solution for this. So below is the steps to Connect to internet from PC using Windows Phone as a modem.
Steps to Using Windows Phones as a modem to connect to Internet from PC:
Below method is tested and working well with 1st and 2nd Gen Windows phone such as Samsung Omnia W.
Step1: Dial ##634#  and then dial the *#7284#. You will see a new menu called micro USB test Menu.  It has many options such as  zune sync,modem tethered call, modem USB diag options etc.
Step2: Select the option Modem,tethered call
Step 3: Once you select the option, restart the phone
Step4: Connect the phone to PC using the USB cable. Windows by default loads required drivers.
Step 5: Once the drivers are installed, download and install Nokia PC suite which can be downloaded from Here.
Step6: Open the Nokia PC suite and go to option connect to the internet(one touch access).
Step7: Go to Settings. Your windows phone should be there as a modem
Step8: Opt for  manual settings and enter the access point details
Step9: Once you finish all the above settings, Click on connect to internet in the PC using Windows Phone as a USB modem.

As said above this guide is originally written by XDA forum member. I have just shared the informations. For original post click here.

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