Monday, November 12, 2012

Review Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III

Review Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III - Holds the title as the highest caste successor of Samsung's Galaxy range, the Galaxy S III appear to be different from the previous series. If the previous Galaxy S series is synonymous with the design a little box, SGS (Samsung Galaxy S) III has a design that looks more oval. In general, this design makes it feel more comfortable grip He also appeared shiny in all parts of the body which makes fingerprint friendly.
In addition to design, the smartphone is available in colors Pebble Blue and White Marble brings enough new features. One is Smart Stay. This feature makes the screen remains lit as long as the sensor (in this case the front camera) detects the presence of you, especially the eyes are staring at the screen. Very useful when browsing or reading e-books.

For you who need a personal assistant, S-Voice ready to serve. Mechanism of action is similar to Apple's Siri. Oh yes, there is a driving mode which, when activated, S-Voice will read every message and help you to receive calls without having to touch the handset.

Like the other Samsung smartphones, SGS III also uses the TouchWiz interface. The difference, in addition to the new version, also decorated with knick-knacks nature. Sensors and new lenses also helps SGS III produces pictures and videos with the maximum.

Pair Samsung Exynos 4412 processor which is a quad core processor speed of 1.4 GHz. For business graphics, he was entrusted as the Mali 400 MP GPU. While the capacity of the main memory is still the same as the previous series 1GB. The performance is presented very well and smooth, especially in running a variety of applications. Unfortunately, a bit hot when working hard and need a micro-SIM.

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