Friday, November 23, 2012

5 Tips Or Simple Ways to Speed ​​Up Computer Performance

5 Tips Or Simple Ways to Speed ​​Up Computer Performance - Everyone must have experienced a slow computer name. Well it signifies that your computer is already tired of being too old to work. Your computer is a machine that still need to be maintained if not quickly broken. If it is damaged it cost to fix it is not little. In fact you may also have to replace it with a new one because the old computer could not be fixed anymore.
So to avoid this from happening you need to properly care for your machine from now on. Although the computer is a machine, but you still can not be treated with impunity. Therefore you should not force the computer to do things that the above limits. However, if you are upset because your computer is too slow, then below are some ways that can be used for means speed up computer performance.
  • The first way is to avoid a useless program. If you look at the program created an exciting new you definitely do not hesitate anymore to download. However, if too much it will affect the performance of your computer. For that reason, try to select the program really what is needed by your computer. If no longer needed immediately uninstall these programs as a way to speed up your computer's performance. How easy is to go to control panel then add or remove programs. There you will see a variety of programs installed on your computer. Choose which is no longer used and then click uninstall so removed from your computer.
  • The second way is to turn off the start up some features that are not useful. It's easy, you just type in the start menu with RUN and enter MSCONFIG, select the start up and then remove all the check on start up unless the antivirus program. Then click the service menu, then uncheck the automatic updates. After that you press Apply and then select OK way of speeding up the performance of your computer that you can immediately feel the benefits.
  • No need to use a desktop widget or waste too much-just the things that are not needed. Examples such as clocks are also advised to not have to use themes that can aggravate your computer RAM and CPU performance of your computer.
  • How to speed up the performance of your computer is to use a subsequent best antivirus to scan for viruses in your computer. Antivirus is a must to be a part in your computer so that the computer is always protected from virus attacks which will also slow down your computer's performance.
  • Reduce font you use as it affects the boot process. Use fonts as needed. If you do not want fonts are missing, you can just put it in a specific folder on your computer if one is needed so it can be returned. To delete a font do is go into the control panel, select the font and remove fonts that are no longer needed.
This way you know what things are a way of speeding up the performance of your computer is not it? Please applied in practice to maintain the performance of your computer being slow again. Hopefully this article useful for you.
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